There are so many women at present, who find their fertility has been compromised. It is not only because of the known factors like age, weight gain, smoking, alcohol, and poor pregnancy planning that are responsible for fertility issues. There are several other factors that can impact the fertility. Yet, most fertility specialists believe giving proper attention to lifestyle can enhance the fertility by several notches. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one such problem; this can create problems for a woman to become pregnant.

PCOS is referred to a hormonal condition. This is fairly common; about 1 in 5 women are affected by this problem. The PCOS mainly impacts the insulin and testosterone hormones. Eventually, the woman may experience any one or multiple problems like irregular periods, sudden hair growth on the face, stomach and back, outburst of acne, abnormal weight gain, delay in getting pregnant and mood swings. PCOS is also known to trigger the chances of diabetes and cardiac problems. All the above-mentioned problems will largely vary depending on the age and characteristics of the women. Women, who have developed insulin resistance and are overweight, can also be affected by sleep apnea. This can sometimes lead to dangerous consequences if not treated on time.

According to fertility specialists, the best way to treat this condition is by switching to a healthy lifestyle. Those who are fit will have an increased chance of getting pregnant and consequently delivering a baby. Documented evidence illustrates, there are many women who have successfully become pregnant while dealing with PCOS. It may take some time to conceive but by following a disciplined lifestyle the chances of pregnancy can be greatly increased.

Those who perform moderate exercises can do a lot of good while being affected by PCOS. This will reduce the occurrence of mood swings, and additionally prevent the chances of weight gain. The ovulation will occur perfectly, thus, enhancing the route to a successful pregnancy. Even a slight decrease in weight can make a lot of difference. Experts stress on introducing lots of fruits and vegetables on the diet along with moderate exercising.

This is recommended for every woman who suspects they are affected with PCOS to consult a physician without delay. In some cases, the woman can be referred to a hormone specialist for further evaluation. Everyone should understand the earlier PCOS can be detected the quicker the symptoms can be managed promptly.